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Job Description

1. Introduction

A job description is a document that states the general tasks, responsibilities, and duties of a job. It also includes information on the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the role. Job descriptions are used in the hiring process to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for a position.

The job description template below can be used to create a job description for your organization. Simply fill in the information in the template and tailor it to fit your specific needs.

Make sure to include the following information in your job description:

– Job title
– Department
– Location
– Reports to
– Salary
– Start date
– End date
– Hours
– Job summary
– Key responsibilities
– Key performance indicators
– Required skills and qualifications
– Preferred skills and qualifications
– Education and experience requirements
– Work environment
– Physical demands

2. What to Include in a Job Description

When writing a job description, you should include information on the job characteristics and job requirements. Job characteristics are aspects such as the physical environment, work hours, and travel requirements. Job requirements are qualifications, skills, experience, education, and other areas that are necessary for a candidate to be considered for a role.

Job Characteristics

– Job Title
– Location
– Salary
– Job Type (Full-time, Part-time, Contract, etc.)
– Hours
– Travel Requirements
– Physical Environment
– Safety Requirements

Job Requirements

– Qualifications
– Skills
– Experience
– Education
– Certifications
– Accreditations
– Licenses
– Knowledge
– Abilities
– Software Proficiencies

3. Formatting a Job Description

A job description should include information that is meant to attract qualified candidates and fill the position quickly. When formatting a job description, you should make sure to:

– Use a simple, but professional design and layout.
– Write in a clear, concise and informative style.
– Use bullet points for items or lists.
– Highlight essential duties and job requirements.
– Include easy-to-follow sections.
– Double-check for grammar and spelling errors.
– Have a separate ‘job summary’ or ‘overview’ section.

The job description should not be used as a substitute for a job advertisement. The document should describe in detail the type of skills and qualifications required to be considered for the role. It should also provide an overview of the job and be attractive to prospective employees.

4. How to Use a Job Description Template

Using a job description template can be advantageous when it comes to creating effective and comprehensive job descriptions. This document should be comprehensive enough to accurately reflect any position, but you may need to tailor it slightly to meet the needs of each specific job. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using a job description template:

– Start with a job title and list the key accountabilities of the role, specifying the scope of the role.
– Describe the duties and any relevant work experience in detail.
– List the desired skills, qualifications, and competencies for each role in detail.
– Carefully outline the job requirements for applying for the role.
– Explain the application process or how to apply.
– Make sure there is a clear timeline for the position and deadlines for applications.
– Outline any benefits or rewards associated with the role.

5. Writing a Good Job Description

Writing a good job description is essential when recruiting and interviewing potential employees. This process allows employers to create a comprehensive overview of the key job principles, responsibilities, and qualifications. Creating a job description helps applicants understand the role and can even help employers craft effective job postings and advertisements. A good job description should contain:

1. A comprehensive position title – This should accurately reflect the role and job responsibilities.
2. A detailed summary of responsibilities – List the job duties, tasks, and activities that the position entails.
3. Emphasis on required skills and qualifications – List any technical skills, knowledge, or experience needed for the position.
4. Desirable qualities – Qualities like experience, communication skills, and adaptability that are valuable to the role should be included.
5. Revision date and contact details – The revision date, department, and contact details should all be included at the end of the job description.
6. Things to Avoid in a Job Description

When writing a job description, it is important to consider the job requirements, qualifications and responsibilities that should be outlined for an effective job advertisement. However, there are certain things to avoid in a job description to:

1. Keep it concise – Avoid long paragraphs and lists, as this makes it difficult for applicants to understand the job and could cause them to lose interest.
2. Don’t be vague – Terms like “various”, “frequently”, and “occasionally” make the job description vague and can be interpreted differently by potential applicants.
3. Avoid discriminatory language – Refrain from using language that could be interpreted as demeaning or offensive to any particular group.
4. Don’t include personal information – Names and contact information for internal staff, etc. is inappropriate and should not be included.
5. Be realistic but encouraging – Be sure to state realistic expectations of the role, but also highlight the rewards and benefits associated with it.

7. Conclusion

It is essential to ensure that employers write job descriptions that position the role and attract the right talent. Ultimately, writing an effective job description will ensure that the right candidates are applying for the job, improving the hiring process. Job descriptions need to be dynamic, concise and provide an overview of the role and responsibilities. Remember, avoid all types of bias, discriminatory language and personal information. Keep it fair and relevant to the desired candidate. If an employer has done their job and written an effective, engaging job description they can successfully hire a great candidate who will fit the role.

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