Database Administrator

April 13, 2023

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Job Description

Install SQL server environments & configure as per guidelines recommended;

  • Resolve calls without having to dispatch to L3 and take escalation calls from L1 support;
  • Knowledge of troubleshooting scripts and knowledge of server topologies / configurations;
  • DB backup and backup configuration;
  • DB restore from production to test and vice versa (Refresh), and across servers;
  • Review the job executions, change schedule of a job & configure jobs as per guidelines;
  • Analyze statistical data from DBs environments and provide periodical reports;
  • Review available free space and capacity planning;
  • Decision making to perform shirking & truncating files when necessary;
  • Validate performance of new objects and release to production environment;
  • Create users & grant, remove, change permissions to users on SQL server & its DBs;
  • Control & supervise of ETL processes and SP in production;
  • Manage, support and configure replication technologies (DB Replication, Log Shipping, etc);
  • Run SQLRAP and implement SQL best practices.
  • English, problem solving and analytical skills;
  • Knowledge as DBA on MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL and/or MYSQL.
  • Skills that involve reviewing of application, system & SQL Server Logs;
  • Previous experience solving incidents and tickets.
    Hands On experience on SQL
    Experience in SQL Patching & SQL Backups
    Experience in SQL License Management, including maintaining Licenses doing True Up
    Worked on routine maintenance such as patching, timely application upgrades, and renewal of SSL certificates.
    Experience on new database creation
    Monitoring & resolution of Database performance issues
    Adding, deleting & amending database objects
    Resolution of replication issues
    User access provisioning to databases.
    Experience in code deployments & migrations.
    Good understanding of deployment from Dev/SIT/UAT/PROD.
    Exposure to Incident, Problem Management and on call support.
    String in Powershell
    My SQL patching & upgrades
    Agile working experience
    Good communication skills
    Familiarity with other SQL/NoSQL databases such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB etc
    Awareness of audits associated with license, security, and database performance
    Experience with SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2017
    Experience with SQL Server Replication & AG
    Experience with PowerShell and automation projects
    Perform/ translates the Data Model/ design into objects.
  • Managing the Authorizations (Grants/ Revoke/ maintaining the user groups) experience to upgrades of v10/ v11.
  • Analyze data volume and space requirements.
  • Experience on create/ alter/ drop DB objects/ Table spaces, tables, Indexes/ Store procedures/ triggers.
  • Experience on Dealing data types of CLOB/ BLOB/ XML , Large objects/ Auxillary objects
  • Experience on Unload/ Load/ Reorg/ Xloads/ backup & restore/ runstats utilities on DB objects and its maintenance.
  • Experience on QMF Omegamon tool experience on IBM ADMIN tool.